Best ring entrance music ever

Inspirational music often carries the boxer to a sure victory. Check out a few favourites below. Best ring entrance music ever

Every boxer tries to outdo other boxers and, of course, his opponent with his entrance music. Some achieve greatness in this regard, regardless of their prowess in the ring, whilst others flop terribly!

But it certainly brightens up the pugilists' art for those who aren't all that interested in the fights themselves. The same can be said of having a punt on the boxing; suddenly, you're extremely interested in the outcome of even the most minor fight.

And if you have a wager on an exchange like Betfair, for example, and your man is doing well, you can lock in a profit, or even have a bet on the other guy and quickly shift allegiance. It's all part of the fun. There are even times with really big fights where you can bet on the music! But enough about the betting - what about the glorious entrances? Here are a few to remember:

Firstly, AC/DC’s “Thunderstruck” has been used by a number of boxers, but none more memorably so than the late great Arturo Gatti who also had the sobriquet "Thunder", of course.

Similarly, McFadden and Whitehead's "Ain't No Stopping Us Now" has been over-used by pugilists down the years, but it's still a great entrance song and highly appropriate - if not a little "soft" perhaps? But whenever boxing fans of a certain age think of the song, they can't fail to bring to mind the great, often underrated, heavyweight champion of the world, and defeater of Mohammed Ali, Larry Holmes.

Now DJ Khaled's "All I Do Is Win" is possibly the single most over-used song of the modern era in boxing for very obvious reasons, but it's still great entrance music if a little clichéd. Too many fighters to list have used this music, but it's good, so who can blame them?

Similarly, Queen's "We Will Rock You" has been used by loads of fighters but is still great. In 2008, Manny Pacquiao went from using a song he'd sung himself when walking in to the Ricky Hatton fight - to using the Queen rock anthem when entering the fight with Oscar De La Hoya, which of course Pacquiao won; though how much was down to the song is open to debate!

Then of course, there's Survivor's "Eye Of The Tiger" indelibly associated with boxing forever more thanks mainly to the Rocky films, but also because it’s been used by 101 fighters ever since!

But we've reserved top prize for another slightly hackneyed piece adopted by various sports, "Simply The Best" by Tina Turner - but awarded, here, specifically to Chris Eubank who was, in his prime, simply the best!

Written on Dec 10 2013 by Arthur Jay , lead writer at KOvideo. Tags: ac dc queen


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