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R. Kelly Best Friend lyrics is the 13th song on the album "Double Up" by R. Kelly. Don't miss the latest news and gossip about the artist: "R. Kelly Keeps It Sexy With ‘Black Panties’ Album Artwork and Tracklist".
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Best Friend by R. Kelly


While im in here ya'll

Undercover you been screwin'


[Keysha Cole]

Wait.. just dont walk away..

Please let me explain...

[Polow Da Don]

Yeah dog it ain't like dat


[R Kelly]

Don't be playin' no damn games

[Polow Da Don]

Man what da fuck is wrong

Wit you? you crazy? Dis girl

Love. she even took a chance

On loosin'

Her job.. jus to be here fa ya

[R Kelly]

Yeah... well maybe im just a

Little paranoid..can you

Blame me.. just look at her

She pretty

As all outdoors..

Sorry baby..

[Keysha Cole]

It's O.k I understand you stressin'

[R Kelly]

Thanks man for briggin' her fa me

[Polow Da Don]

Please my nigga don't even sweat it

[Keysha Cole]

Just like you asked i got

Those magazines for you

[R Kelly]

That's my girl

[Polow Da Don]

Ain't got no squares. but

I got a robe and you some

House shoes

[R Kelly]

My Brother

[Polow Da Don]

So how you holdin up?

[R Kelly]

Man i'm jus tryna make it work

[Polow Da Don & Keysha Cole]

Well i got she got

[Keysha Cole]

Charles you go first

[Polow Da Don]

Well me and sheel(?) we got

Dis crazy ass idea she sing

I rap we was thinkin' bout

Makin' this

Shit a career

[Keysha Cole]

What you think about that baby?

Do you think it'll work

[R Kelly]

Aight dat's it now i really

Gotta know baby where in the

Hell did he get that shirt?

[Polow Da Don]

Awww Here we go again. nigga what

Da fuck is wrong wit you

[R Kelly]

Yeah man ya'll on some bull

Shit. what? ya'll think i'm a

God damn fool

[Polow Da Don]

Nigga i ain't sayin' all dat

[R Kelly]

Well then ansa da question screw

All dat GIRL ANSA IT!!!

[Keysha Cole]

What?! who you callin' bitch?

Hell naw i been here!!

[R Kelly]

She been doin my best friend

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[Chorus 2x (Wit extra talkin in da back)]

Tell me how could you do it to me?

Hell to (hell to) the naw

Got caught up doin' da bussiness

Now im servin' 5 to 10

A ball later he movin' in. you been

Doin' my best f.r.i.e.n.d

Behind my back while im in da pen

Screw both (screw Both) of ya'll

See ya'll dun hooked up wit each otha

Man you was like my brother

While im in here ya'll

Undercover girl you screwin' my

Best friend

[Keysha Cole]

Baby what about the kids?? Ohhhh


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