Tatu - Beliy Plaschik (White Robe) Video

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"Beliy Plaschik (White Robe)" Video Review

"Beliy Plashchik" is the premiere single from t.A.T.u's upcoming album "Upravleniye Otbrosami" ('Waste Management'). The English version is slated for release in 2008.

The video Belyi Plaschik was shot on 6-7 October, 2007 at Hyperion Treatment Plant – a giant waste management factory of Los Angeles and the area.

Final episodes were filmed inside plant’s reserve pool, which is usually empty and is used as waste tank in case of emergency. Shooting team had to listen special security instructions stating that in case of hearing alarm people have just 3 minutes to leave a 7-meter deep tank before it’s filled up to the top.

Because this huge reservoir has no access, a special three-piece stairway was built, with rails and turns. People climbed it up and down, carried equipment. There were about 30 people working on the set, and it was not exactly clear how everybody could escape in case problems appeared.

After the filming Yulia’s ankles were in bruises. Our estimate is that she had to walk a total of one kilometer in real jail shackles. Lena, playing a woman of the night, was filmed for several hours outdoors in quite a low temperature - and caught a cold.

This video is a full version that can’t be aired on TV and will not be released until later.


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Tatu - Beliy Plaschik (White Robe)