Bee Gees Planning to Record New Album Later This Year

During the announcement of Robin Gibb’s recovery, the Bee Gees mentioned they plan to record an album this year. Bee Gees Planning to Record New Album Later This Year

The Bee Gees’ Robin Gibb recently finished 12 months of cancer treatments, and with news that his condition is in remission, he and brother Barry announced they are heading into the studio later in 2012 to record a new album. Their previous studio album was 2001’s This is Where I Came In, their last with Maurice Gibb, who passed away in 2003. To the Daily Mail, the duo said: "We intend to record again and also work with the Bee Gees catalogue as well. We want to make an album. That will be close to the end of the year."

Robin, who had been fighting liver and colon cancer over the past year, has been back in the hospital for emergency surgery. According to his website, a blood clot causing perforation was removed from his colon, but the condition is not connected to his cancer diagnosis. The emergency surgery, however, has canceled Gibb’s commitment to his Titanic Requiem album, but he is expected to attend the premiere by the London Royal Philharmonic on April 10. The work, written by Gibb, marks the occasion of the ocean liner’s 100th anniversary.

No word whether Gibb’s health scare will delay production of the album, although his recovery from cancer has been described as “spectacular.”

What do you think the Bee Gees’ possible album could sound like? This is Where was described as having a Europop and slight disco vibe upon its release. Could another album continue the same sound, or with the recent popularity of electronic music, could they do such a dance album?

Written on Apr 02 2012 by Irene Test (Google+ profile), writer at KOvideo. Tags: bee gees


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