Beck Calls Upcoming Album “Slow” in Recent NPR Interview

In promoting his upcoming album on NPR, Beck called ‘Morning Phase’ a “slow” record. Beck Calls Upcoming Album “Slow” in Recent NPR Interview

Beck is now promoting his upcoming studio album Morning Phase, a chronological follow-up to 2008’s Modern Guilt but one that supposedly feels more like a successor to 2002’s Sea Change. While Beck debuted new track “Waking Light” on NPR program All Things Considered, he revealed in an interview that the record will have an overall slower feel.

Beck starts off talking about the recording process, which involved multiple attempts to create new material, including a stint in Nashville. The album should have come out last year, after he spent five months in the studio, but once he completed it, he wasn’t signed onto a label to release it. As a result, Morning Phase encompasses material written as far back as five years ago and newer songs from his time in Nashville.

Talking about the sound, he explained about Morning Phase: “The record's pretty slow. I think at one point we realized there was nothing faster than 60 BPMs — which, that's beats per minute. That's really slow.”

He then went onto describe how this happened later in the interview: “When I'm recording with my band, we're always egging each other on to play slower and slower. For one thing, it's really difficult to play that slow and stay in time — for it to still feel musical — but it also really kind of warps the perspective of the song.”

A slower feel isn’t the only aspect that’s different for Morning Phase. Beck later revealed that internet criticism has changed his approach to introducing and adding new songs: “When I started out, you were just throwing stuff out there; you had no idea what people thought. There would be a couple of record reviews, but you really were completely ignorant and unaware of what people actually thought. Unless you were at a show — you know, you could play a song and people didn't like it. That happened plenty of times.”

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