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"Beautiful Girls" Video Review

Sean Kingston is making strides on the Billboard charts with his debut single. Beautiful Girls is a single by reggae-influenced musician Sean Kingston from his upcoming self-titled album Sean Kingston to be released this July. The song heavily samples Ben E. King's classic Stand By Me. The song is about beautiful girls and how they can make a man suicidal when they decide a relationship is over.

Kingston wants to make it clear that he is no cookie cutter artist that has the songs laid out for him. He comes up with 100 percent of his lyrics.

'Man, it feels good to get that creative freedom,' he says. 'Not a lot of artists are put in that position. I don't feel that just because I'm a young dude, somebody should write my songs and say 'ok spit it this way.' I think music is better when it comes from the person, when it comes from your heart. I feel comfortable writing my own music and them letting me do it, is a great situation.'

Also, you can check out his next video for Me Love, a pop-reggae track, sure to be at least as big as Beautiful Girls.



Dahneka perkinsq 96p 3 years ago

just a nice song


Claudia Dămăcuş 1376p 4 years ago

I think this is Sean Kingston's best song... it's catchy and the video is cute


Niki Baba 10p 4 years ago

nice pickup of the song



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Sean Kingston - Beautiful Girls