Bassist Peter Hook Addresses New Order Disagreements

In an interview with ‘Billboard,’ bassist Peter Hook set the record straight regarding issues with New Order. Bassist Peter Hook Addresses New Order Disagreements

New Order, the seminal synthpop band behind hits “Blue Monday” and “True Faith,” regrouped in 2011 without original bassist Peter “Hooky” Hook. The player known for his high-pitched, distinct bass lines went off to form his own group, The Light,” and now plays Joy Division and New Order albums on tour. Disagreements from New Order’s 2007 breakup, however, have not been resolved, and in an interview with Billboard, Hooky looked to set the record straight.

While stating frontman Bernard Sumner is airing the group’s “dirty laundry” in public and the group’s anger is directed at him, he dispelled rumors that his DJing tour, done while the group was recording Waiting for the Sirens Call, prevented New Order from finishing tracks. The supposed “unfinished” tracks are on New Order’s recent Lost Sirens. Hook said: “That has just not happened. We all did things outside of New Order and the schedule would be moved around to take care of that. It's just so childish for him to try and insinuate that I was off DJing, so everybody had to wait.”

He went onto state: “Obviously, they are unified in their hatred of me and their desire to belittle. I'm actually quite flattered that they still feel the need to do it when they've toured the world for a year as New Order, earned a sh-t load of money, and yet they still feel the need to let everybody know what a b-stard I am. I'll have to take it as a compliment that I have got up their noses so much.”

Hook additionally claims to have worked on the Sirens and Control soundtrack material with drummer Stephen Morris, with the music going to Sumner for final touches. Hook then states Sumner didn’t want help.

The Hacienda trademark – which Hook and then-manager Rob Gretton purchased – was also addressed. While Gretton since passed away, his widow gave Hook permission to use the trademark, and the bassist put out a Hacienda compilation CD.

As a final sting, Hook discussed his band’s touring without him and their fondness for running through the hits. In response, he called them a “tribute band.”

Written on Jan 28 2013 by Irene Test (Google+ profile), writer at KOvideo. Tags: new order peter hook


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