'Bad Reputation' Is A New Book Just Released About Joan Jett

Bad Reputation Is A Book – Not Just A Joan Jett Song – That Documents The Life Story Of The Rock And Roll Icon 'Bad Reputation' Is A New Book Just Released About Joan Jett

Fresh on the market is a new book entitled "BAD REPUTATION – The Unauthorized Biography of JOAN JETT" written by Dave Thompson. (Backbeat Books

When first given the book to read, I thought, "OK, another series of facts and statements about the life and times of someone who made it big in the music industry … ra, ra, ra … " But this is one volume that certainly documents the life of Joan Jett as we have come to know this Rock and Roll legend. Not only does the book give a historical account of the life of the talented hitmaker, it presents the story in such an interesting manner … packed with snippets of music history … Joan Jett history. The book is UN-PUT-DOWNABLE!

Take this moment from her very early teenage years, "… alone in her room with the record player on full, she turned her hand to the air guitar, and what did she know? That she wanted to play the guitar? That she wanted to be a star? Or that she craved that excitement? …" Doesn’t that paint the picture of the typical adolescent kicking against all the "unreasonable" rules that the world places on teenagers?

Like almost everyone, the young Joan Jett reflected, " … It wasn't about rebelling against school. I love school. I was a great student. … I’m not hurting anybody. I'm trying to make music."

The story talks about the rise and fall of the Runaways, the time after, and the music-rebuilding life in the Blackhearts and beyond. The path to success has not been an easy ride for this rock and roll icon. Who would have thought "I Love Rock 'n' Roll" could be rejected by a record company … numerous record companies? (The song stayed at number one for seven weeks in the US, and went on to become certified double platinum by the Recording Industry of America (RIAA).)

Joan Jett is as active as ever. Just like the song title says, she loves rock and roll.

This book is one of those "must haves" for the music lover's collection.

The book's author, Dave Thompson, has written numerous volumes about other music industry heavyweights including Kurt Cobain, Cream, Deep Purple, RHCP, and others. He also frequently contributes to Rolling Stone and other music magazines. 

Joan Jett and The Blackhearts - "I Love Rock and Roll"

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