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Bacharach / David Medley by The Carpenters

Knowing When To Leave


Go while the going is good Knowing when to leave

May be The smartest thing anyone can learn go!

I'm afraid my heart isn't very smart

Fly while your still have your wings Knowing when

To leave may never let you reach The point of no

Return fly!


Foolish as it seems


I still have my dreams So I keep hoping day

After day As I wait for the man I need Night after

Night as I wish For a love that can be Though

I'm sure that no one can tell where their

Wishes and hopes will lead somehow I feel There

Is happiness waiting for me


When someone walks in your life


You just better be sure it's right

Cause if he's wrong there

Are heartaches and tears you must pay Keep both of

Your eyes on the door Never let it get out of

Sight Just be prepared when the time has come You

Run away Sail when the wind starts to blow Bul

Like a fool I don't know when to leave


Make It Easy On Yourself

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And make it easy on yourself Make it easy on

Yourself easy on yourself Cause breaking

Up is so very hard to do


(there's) Always Something There To Remind Me


If you should find you miss The sweet and tender

Love we used to share Love we used to share Just

Go back to the places where we used to go And

I'll be there Oh how can I forget you When

There is always something there to remind me

Always something there to remind me I was born to

Love you I will never be free you'll always

Be a part of me When there is always something

There to remind me I'll Never Fall In Love

Again don't tell me what it's all

About Cause I've been there and

I'm glad I'm out Out of those chains

Those chains that bind you That is why I'm

Here to remind you


What do you get when you fall in love?


You only get lies and pain and sorrow So for at

Least until tomorrow I'll never fall in

Love again Oh I'll never fall in love again


Walk On By


If you see me walkin down the street And I

Start to cry each time we meet Walk on by walk on

By Make believe you don't see the tears Just

Let me grief in private Cause each time I

See you I break down and cry Walk on by I just

Can't get over losing you So if I should

Seem broken and blue Walk on by walk on by

Foolish pride that's all that I have left So

Let me have the tears and the sadness that you

Gave me When you said good-bye Walk on by by


Do You Know The Way To San Jose


Do you know the way to San Jose? I've been

Away so long I may go wrong and lose my way Do you

Know the way to San Jose? I'm going back to

Find some place of mind in San Jose L.A. is a

Great big freeway Put a hundred down a by a car In

A week maybe two theyll make you a star

Weeks turn into years how quick they pass And all

The stars there never were Are parking cars and

Pumping gas I've got lots of friends in San

Jose can't wait to get back to San Jose Do

You know the way to San Jose?


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