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British indie folk band Mumford And Sons released the music video fot the title track of their second studio album "Babel". The album ranked the first...

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  • Elton John Album Cover
    Tower Of Babel
    by Elton John | Rating: -

    ... 's party time for the guys in the tower of Babel Sodom meet Gomorrah Cain meet Abel Have a ball y ... Jesus don't save the guys In the tower of Babel Watch them dig their graves `Cause Jesus don't save ...

  • Babel Babel
    by Blood Ruby | Rating: -

    ... . Babel babel Rising cleaves the air. Babel babel Winding climbs the stair. Baby baby listen Can't you hear? Babble babble Fills the atmosphere. Babel babel Rising cleaves the air. Babel babel ...

  • ... abandoned to foolish ways For i'm the bishop of babel now As even stray dogs will allow The poor folks ... and remark Look the bishop of babel's down Oh i'm the bishop of babel now And my audience don't ...

  • Pathology Album Cover
    Tower Of Babel
    by Pathology | Rating: -

    ... the texts of forgery King over all The tower of babel curse Stand at the gates not to be judged How ... Let us revolt confusion of tongues The tower of babel The tower of babel How divine intervention Clouded is the holy rebellion ...

  • Massive Attack Album Cover
    by Massive Attack | Rating: -

    Say it was your babel Say it was my babel It was my babel Tell all people Now you know it's over ...

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