Axl Rose Talks About a Follow Up to ‘Chinese Democracy’

Axl Rose revealed that a follow up to 2008’s ‘Chinese Democracy’ is in the works. Axl Rose Talks About a Follow Up to ‘Chinese Democracy’

Chinese Democracy, which came out in 2008, was Guns N’ Roses’ comeback of sorts, after they hadn’t released any material for 15 years. While the album was met with mixed reviews, it charted well in North America and Europe, but the band has been relatively quiet about a follow up.

However, recently, Axl Rose spoke with Revolver about their future plans, and in the process, he spoke of a Chinese Democracy II: Not much of new material but rather takes from their initial Chinese Democracy sessions, which date back to 1994. A remix album is further expected.

Regarding their next steps, Rose explained: “We recorded a lot of things before Chinese was out. We’ve worked more on some of those things and we’ve written a few new things. But basically, we have what I call the second half of Chinese. That’s already recorded. And then we have a remix album made of the songs from Chinese. That’s been done for a while, too.”

Other band members have further confirmed Rose’s statements, revealing that the new material may drop sometime over the next year.

Chinese Democracy followed 1993’s The Spaghetti Incident? and was Guns N’ Roses first release of new material since 1991. Charting at No. 3 on the Billboard 200 and topping the charts in Europe, it produced three singles: “Chinese Democracy,” “Better,” and “Streets of Dreams.”

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