Austin Mahone Says EndFest Was His Worst Show Ever Due to Fans' Misery

The Young Money star's performance was halted on multiple occasions due to several fans passing out. Austin Mahone Says EndFest Was His Worst Show Ever Due to Fans' Misery

Austin Mahone has claimed his Sunday night show in Sacramento was his worst ever due to a series of miserable accidents his fans suffered.

The 18-year-old pop star took to Twitter earlier today to reveal how his show in the River City was a total disaster. "Thanks Sacramento... I pray for the girl that passed out and that they found those 3 missing children that wandered off. #worstshowever," he tweeted but didn't share any more details.

He was obviously talking about 107.9 The End-organized show the Endfest where he was one of the several performers. Apparently, it really was every bit as calamitous as Mahone said. Those fans, who had attended the event, revealed on Twitter that several concertgoers lost consciousness due to the scorching heat and required medical attention, because of which scheduled programs had to be paused on several occasions.

Ed Sheeran was also one of the performers at the fest, but unlike Mahone, the Englishman didn't brand it as his worst show ever. Instead, he simply posted an Instagram photo of his fans cheering him.

Written on May 12 2014 by Zohaib Ahmed (Google+ profile), junior writer at KOvideo. Tags: austin mahone


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