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Audience by Cold War Kids

Sunday nights that you want her like velvet cake

Sweet heart can bargain half price mistakes

She will go down with her ship like a good captain

You're sitting on the dock playing for an audience of one


Pacing your apartment linoleum floors

Get a call from an old friend she never liked him before

He will drive all over three lanes you sit tight shotgun

Windshield wipers waving for an audience of one

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You came out from the country wearing mama's clothes

You were born in the city with daddy's domino's

You need a record you can move to well we got one

Drop the needle we are playing for an audience of one

Drop the needle we are playing for an audience of one


One gets all of you two's jealous three gets even less

Four divides you up then you're left pleasing all your guests


Reach out you point a finger and touch the globe

Spin it round and where it stops you got to pack your bags and go

Land in the Mojave desert you sing for the sun

Three's too many when you're playing for an audience of one

Two's too busy when you're playing for an audience of one

One is the only way you're playing for an audience of one


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