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Ludacris Area Codes lyrics is the 7th song on the album "Word Of Mouf" by Ludacris. Don't miss the latest news and gossip about the artist: "Song Review: 'Everyday Birthday' - Swizz Beatz feat. Chris Brown and Ludacris".
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Area Codes by Ludacris

[Hook: Nate Dogg]

I've got hoes

In different area codes

Hoes! In different area codes


[Verse 1 - Ludacris]

Now you thought I was just 7-7-0 and 4-0-4?

I'm worldwide bitch act like y'all don't know

It's the abominable-ho man

Globe-trot international post man

Neighbor-dick dope man

7-1-8's 2-0-2's

I send small cities and states I-O-U's

9-0-1 matter fact 3-0-5

I'll jump off the G4 we can meet outside

So control your hormones and keep your drawers on

'Til I close the door and I'm jumping your bones

3-1-2's 3-1-3's (oh) 2-1-5's 8-0-tree's (oh)

Read your horoscope and eat some hors d'oeuvres

10 on pump one; these hoes is self serve

7-5-7 4-1-0's my cell phone just overloads




[Verse 2 - Ludacris]

Now everyday is a ho-ly day so stop the violence

And put the 4-4 away skeet shoot a ho today

5-0-4 9-7-2's

7-1-tree whatcha gon' do?

You checking out the scene I'm checking a ho tonight

With perpendicular vehicular ho-micide

3-1-4 2-0-1 (hey)

Too much green too much fun (hey)

I bang cock in Bangkok

Can't stop I turn and hit the same spot

Think not I'm the thriller in Manilla

Schlong in Hong Kong

Pimp 'em like Bishop Magic Don Juan

Man after Henny with a coke and a smile

I just pick up the motherfuckin' phone and dial

I got my condoms in a big ass sack

I'm slanging this dick like a New Jack

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[Nate Dogg]

Is it cause they like my gangsta walk?

Is it cuz they like my gangsta talk?

Is it cuz they like my handsome face?

Is it cuz they like my gangsta ways?

Whatever it is they love it

And they just won't let me be

I handles my biz don't rush me

Just relax and let me be free

Whenever I call (I call) come running

2-1-2 or 2-1-3

You know that I ball (I ball) stop fronting

Or I'll call my substitute freak (hoes)




[Outro - Ludacris]

9-1-6 4-1-5 7-0-4

Shout out to the 2-0-6

Everybody in the 8-0-8

Ha-ah 2-1-6 7-0-2 4-1-4

3-1-7 2-1-4's and the 2-8-1's

3-3-4 2-0-5 I see ya

Uh-uh 3-1-8 6-0-1's 2-0-tree

8-0-4 4-0-2 3-0-1

9-0-4 4-0-7 8-5-0

7-0-8 5-0-2

Hoes in different area codes know that

Southern Hoes-pitality Northern Exhoes-ure

Ha-ha ho ridin' on the West coast

Ya understand what I'm saying?

Ho-cus pocus you the dopest

Hoes to the right hoes to the left 5 hoes this time

Whoo! Ho no!

The Hip-hop ho-ller-coaster that's what we on right now

Ha-ha no need to get all hoes-tile

Def Jam South baby Disturbing Tha Peace

Jazze Pheezy Uncle Face

Ludacris uh hoes...(*whistling*) I'm sweating like a motherf

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