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"Applause" Video Review

Whatever you think about Lady Gaga's new single "Applause", you've got to give her credit as one of the few recent pop artists to truly go all-in on music videos. So while the release of "Applause" as a single was a nice event the key event is the just-released clip for the track.

In characteristic Gaga fashion, it's everywhere. There's plenty of black-and-white flailing, a giant magician's hat, a lot of creative items covering up Gaga's breasts ( including a bra that appears like a pair of hands and some Birth of Venus-referencing shells ), and at least one scene with Gaga's head on top of a swan's body.

Not going to lie : This video actually makes the tune sound infinitely better (as is the case with plenty of Gaga videos ). It doesn't quite hit the high notes of "Paparazzi" or "Bad Romance," but it is definitely a step up from the middling clips from the Born This Way time.

“Applause” will be included on Lady Gaga’s upcoming new album “Artpop”, set to be released on November 11.


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Lady Gaga - Applause