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Anyone Else by Natasha Bedingfield

Whenever I am next to you

Is a... with angel

So I better be aware

Everything you do

I am so attracted to you

I cannot block you

More and more and more




Everybody got the same moves

Like a golden old photo shot

But baby when I look at you

There is one thing that you're not

Baby you are messed up

That's ok I am to

So baby don't change a thing

Cause I wouldn't be with anyone else but you

Imperfections make me weak

A man who's not afraid to weep

Only shows me that you are deep in love with me to...

Imperfections is who you are all your bruises and your scars

You got all the character enough for us to lovingDon't wanna be with anyone else

Don't wanna get with anyone new

Don't wanna be with anyone else

It won't be love if it's not with you


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You made me change my mind

Things that I didn't like

And now that's my favorite thing

I would never expect

That I have no regret

You're different cause you are... ages



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