Jadakiss - Answer 5 (Rbk Iverson) Lyrics

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Answer 5 (Rbk Iverson) by Jadakiss

Uhh yo


[verse one]

Check em out it's the new a5's you gotta rock em

They even put a zone in the league to try to stop him

He's the answer and the problem

You dont want it with the way that boy go to the hole and take punishment

The young boss of the cross for four quarters

And from three-point land he's all water (cash)

Matter a fact call him the king

The way he breaks down the defense like he's got the ball on a string

And he will blow by you fast

Penetrate and dish it off or go high off the glass

All you need is a pair of these nothing else

Your hesitation is stop and pop or be something else

Trackmasters and jay to the muah i keep an extra pair in my car

In case you wanna take it to the park

High percentage imma take it from the arc take it from the heart

This is kiss talking to you limited edition reebok brought em to you

Uhh even on the court we stay fly jada and a.i. make sure you go get the a5's

Even on the court we stay fly jada and a.i. make sure you go get the a5's

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Uh huh


The answer - allen i

Reebok a5 and trackmasters what

Project paki and d-block

We got your shoes shock

Ha ha uh huh

Even on the court we stay fly jada and a.i. make sure you go get the a5's



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Answer 5 (Rbk Iverson) Song Lyrics Meanings

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