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  • Lou Reed Album Cover

    ... 're not meant to be In paranoia key of E Anorexia is in G flat And F is anything I've ... of key Paranoia key of E Paranoia key of E Anorexia, dyslexia Kleptomania, patricide A, matricide D, vertigo, schizos Paranoia key ...

  • Anorexia
    by Mozart Khadaffi | Rating: -

    ... the lady We dizz them down the others swing safe Anorexia took me all the way i will be back with ... town this the last dance go dance to manner woe Anorexia took me all the way i will be back with ...

  • ... never dies Mother Mother anorexia engraves my veins There's blood and anger all under my nails Mother anorexia my hope was fake Mother sephirah they never existed Mother anorexia I miss a sacrifice No ...

  • Living Sacrifice Album Cover

    ... have advice Resenting their correction exceed boundaries of the wise Anorexia spiriatual unnoticed as it seems Delivered by an adocate to ...

  • ... No more stomach to digest So live happy, live with anorexia

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