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Van Morrison And It Stoned Me lyrics is the 1st song on the album "Moondance" by Van Morrison. Don't miss the latest news and gossip about the artist: "Van Morrison Returns to Blue Note Records".
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And It Stoned Me by Van Morrison

Half a mile from the county fair

And the rain keep pourin' down

Me and Billy standin' there

With a silver half a crown

Hands are full of a fishin' rod

And the tackle on our backs

We just stood there gettin' wet

With our backs against the fence

Oh the water

Oh the water

Oh the water

Hope it don't rain all day



And it stoned me to my soul

Stoned me just like Jelly Roll

And it stoned me

And it stoned me to my soul

Stoned me just like goin' home

And it stoned me

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Then the rain let up and the sun came up

And we were gettin' dry

Almost let a pick-up truck nearly pass us by

So we jumped right in and the driver grinned

And he dropped us up the road

We looked at the swim and we jumped right in

Not to mention fishing poles


Oh the water

Oh the water

Oh the water

Let it run all over me




On the way back home we sang a song

But our throats were getting dry

Then we saw the man from across the road

With the sunshine in his eyes

Well he lived all alone in his own little home

With a great big gallon jar

There were bottles too one for me and you

And he said Hey! There you are


Oh the water

Oh the water

Oh the water

Get it myself from the mountain stream



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