Amy Winehouse's Family to Discuss Death on Anderson Cooper

Anderson Cooper will interview Amy Winehouse's family and boyfriend during the premiere of his new talk show. Amy Winehouse's Family to Discuss Death on Anderson Cooper

Amy Winehouse’s death may not have been shocking but it does remain shrouded in mystery, leaving her fans around the world wondering about her life leading up to that sad and fateful day.  While her struggles with drug and alcohol abuse are widely documented, her autopsy proved that there were no illegal substances in her system (although, alcohol was present) and that her cause of death could not be determined. The coroner did, however, suspect that she might have died from “a violent of unnatural death” and an inquest is expected to begin this October.

Winehouse’s oft outspoken father, Mitch, her mother, Janis, brother, Alex and boyfriend, Reg Traviss, will be appearing on the premiere episode of Anderson Cooper’s daytime talk show. 

Of Winehouse, Cooper said: “I’ve followed her career for a long time. Her music is extraordinary. And she’s such a remarkable talent. What’s remarkable about this family is they’ve been so public before her death about trying to get her help.”  He’s got a point. Mitch Winehouse regularly spoke out publicly about his daughter’s struggles.

Amy Winehouse was found dead on July 23, 2011 alone in her apartment. She was just 27 years old.  Anderson Cooper’s new talk show premieres on September 12, 2011. 

Written on Sep 08 2011 by Jeanne Dupuis (Google+ profile), writer at KOvideo. Tags: amy winehouse anderson cooper amy winehouse death


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