Amount of Propofol in Michael Jackson's Body Equal to Amounts Used in Major Surgery

More details emerge as witnesses take the stand during Michael Jackson's wrongful death trial. Amount of Propofol in Michael Jackson's Body Equal to Amounts Used in Major Surgery

During the May 6th court proceedings on Michael Jackson’s wrongful death trial, toxicologist Dan Anderson of the Los Angeles County coroner’s office served as a witness. He revealed that while Jackson overdosed on propofol, he also tested positive for lidocaine, nordiazepam, lorazepam, midazolam and diazepam. Anderson testified that the levels of propofol in Michael’s body were "consistent to major surgery with anaesthesia."

He added, "Propofol collected as evidence, it's highly unusual. It's very problematic if it's found outside the hospital setting."

Deputy medical examiner of L.A. County, Christopher Rogers, was also called on to testify. He shot down the idea that Michael could have self-administered the propofol, “One possibility that we considered is that he might have given an overdose of propofol to himself. However based on the history that was available, I don’t believe that that happened.”

It is reported that Dr. Conrad Murray administered the propofol to Jackson to assist with insomnia. When asked whether he felt a competent doctor would prescribe propofol for insomnia, Rogers answered, “I would not expect that, no.”

The doctor also answered questions regarding Michael’s health before his untimely death in June of 2009. According to Rogers, Michael was rather healthy prior to the overdose, "There was no indication from the autopsy that there was anything anatomically wrong with him that would lead to premature death," says Rogers.

He did, however, confirm that Michael suffered from, "vitiligo, a skin pigmentation disease. So, some areas of the skin appear light and others appear dark."

Michael’s mother Katherine and his three children are suing AEG Live, whom they claim are liable for his death and were negligent in hiring and supervising Dr. Murray. The Jackson family are suing the company for $40 billion, which AEG claims is ridiculous. They insist Michael was responsible for choosing Murray.

Next to take the witness stand is cardiologist Dr. Daniel Wohgeternter, who will provide his analysis on Murray’s decisions and skills. 

Written on May 07 2013 by Lauren Croteau (Google+ profile), writer at KOvideo. Tags: michael jackson trial wrongful death propofol


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