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Arab Strap Amor Veneris lyrics is the 1st song on the album "The Red Thread" by Arab Strap. The "Amor Veneris" lyrics by Arab Strap are displayed below.
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Amor Veneris by Arab Strap

The rain woke us up

You turned 'round and just did it

Good mornin' slow down

Have you remembered where you hid it?


You cried in the kitchen

We made up in the hall

I watched you get dressed

Those boots make you too tall

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And we made each other late

'cause i took my watch off there

So it wouldn't scratch your skin

Or get tangled in your hair


It wasn't long ago

We went on guided tours

But i forgot what it meant

To pretend my hand is yours


It's best in the mornin'

When we know it won't be rushed

So leave the curtains closed

And come back when you've brushed



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