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Skinny Puppy Amnesia lyrics is the 10th song on the album "The Process" by Skinny Puppy. The "Amnesia" lyrics by Skinny Puppy are displayed below.
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Amnesia by Skinny Puppy

For reasons untold born a body mass no excuse for

Intolerable kick set in glass grasp a moment shattered


A lock on the door scraping demon trapped resides

Starving for freedom all my strength to keep inside


Tear it down


If I could move heaven or hell I would

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To summon heads rush all perception void and meaningless

Anti fathoms life in spite of it negate all feeling fractured

Mocked deplore naming reverse remote viewing

Empathic lesion surrounding the guilt cannot deny


Tear it down a process to describe

Whatever truth means nothing


When adding no results times a shallow digging through

The mud thrown out so expectable intentions not up front

And the shit that never faced reflects the sliver

Looped a flaw rotates forever unresolved


Tear it down

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