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Rod Stewart Almost Illegal lyrics is the 11th song on the album "Out Of Order" by Rod Stewart. Don't miss the latest news and gossip about the artist: "New Music Releases: October 30, 2012".
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Almost Illegal by Rod Stewart

Yeah i said yeah


I remember the first time

That i ever seen her face

I was standing by the drug store

Trying to save the human race


Took a raincheck on a blind date

To get her prescription filled

Had a short talk been a long walk

Through the lazy cottonfield it was hot


She was cool and sultry

We made love

I was broke and lonely


She's wonderful so beautiful

So delectable she's mine

She's desirable so lovable

And it's criminal almost illegal

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Well we woke up in a barnyard

When i heard a farmer shout

Get away boy from my daughter

When a shotgun rang out we took off


She was right behind me

Ran like the wind

What a crazy lady


She's fabulous so sensuous

She's marvelous she's mine

I'm delirious it's serious

Kinda dangerous almost illegal


Bring that down now


We had a one child by the springtime

And another on the way

I got a new life and a good wife

Ain't that 'amazing grace' it was hot


She was cool and sultry

We made love

I was broke and lonely


She's so wonderful she's beautiful

She's desirable she's mine

I'm delirious she's serious

It's kinda dangerous almost illegal


Wonderful so beautiful

She's not a radical but she's mine

She's fabulous so sensuous

And it's marvelous almost illegal


Beautiful and she's wonderful

So desirable almost illegal

Sensuous kinda dangerous



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