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Haystak All By Myself lyrics is the 4th song on the album "From Start To Finish" by Haystak. The "All By Myself" lyrics by Haystak are displayed below.
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All By Myself by Haystak


There you go baby

Kick me while I'm down

Yeah I got some issues I need to figure out

But I know one thing without a doubt

I can do this alone

All on my own I'm grown

I gotta keep on writin songs

Get money

And maybe one day find somebody that really loves me

Stands beside me through anything

Loves my when it's sunny the same as when it's raining

The life of Stak Mak ain't always entertaining

Would you love me if I was slanging grams on the track?

That's love and anything less than that I'd rather be

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Allll by myself

I don't neeeeed nobody else

And I'mma do fiiine without your help

I'mma do it allll by myself yeah


Some said I was a dreamer others told me I was stupid

I've been described as difficult some even called me foolish

I've always had such a passion for music

There was no tellin me I wasn't destine to do this

I didn't get where I'm at by makin excuses

Cryin cause you didn't deal me no aces and dueces

I've had my heart broken and been stabbed in the back

Career endin injuries that didn't stop Stak

Rhyme after rhyme

Time and time again

It ain't all shinin and diamonds

A lot of time a lot of grindin

A lot of beers spill in my environment

I always felt so empty surrounded by people

Felt like it was just me you know what I mean?

A lot of work went into makin this happen

Without my people I couldn't have made it rappin


Because I couldn't have done it

Allll by myself

I needed evvvvverybody else

Wouldn'ta got doooone without your help

I couldn'ta done it alllll by myself


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