Alicia Keys Sued Over Song “Girl On Fire”

Topping the charts now, Alicia Keys, along with Sony Music Entertainment, was sued last week regarding track “Girl On Fire.” Alicia Keys Sued Over Song “Girl On Fire”

In a sense, a lawsuit regarding song “Girl On Fire” was inevitable – but not in the ways you may think. Previously, Keys addressed, in an interview with Entertainment Weekly, the unintentional similarities between the album (and song) title and a Hunger Games series book, but the lawsuit points out another similarity – one between the current high-charting song and another released in 1970.

Now the subject of a copyright infringement lawsuit, filed last week in federal court, “Girl On Fire” shares a few couplets with a song co-written by songwriter Early Shuman. Originally written as “Lonely Boy” in 1962, the Shuman-penned song became “Hey There Lonely Girl,” recorded by Eddie Holman and released in 1970.

Showbiz411 blogger Roger Friedman noticed the similarities between the track, noting that Keys’ song contained small elements from the 1970 song. Friedman had contacted Shuman, asking why he did not clear the song’s rights.

But, apparently, the lawsuit contains excerpts from Friedman’s blog post – not a thorough analysis of the two compositions. Friedman, in a cursory examination of the two tracks, had stated: "Keys only uses two seconds of the original, but it helps makes her record."

But the lawsuit considers Friedman’s information accurate and sufficient and includes a copy of the song sheet, stating: "While the statements that Shuman has 'gone to rock and roll heaven' and concerning 'two seconds' of use are not accurate, Plaintiff alleges that the above observations by Showbiz411, in their essence, are apt."

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