Alicia Keys Debuts "Tears Always Win" Music Video

R&B songstress Alicia Keys debuts the music video for her latst single "Tears Always Win". Alicia Keys Debuts "Tears Always Win" Music Video

Fresh on the music video scene is Alicia Keys’s “Tears Always Win” video. The track is the fifth track to be released off of her album Girl on Fire. It is an old-school-sounding love ballad about a woman who just can’t seem to get her ex off her mind – and get this: it was written by Bruno Mars!

The video begins with Alicia waking up in a motel room alone in Las Vegas, and working through the day all the while thinking of the loneliness she feels after splitting from her man.  

Alicia told MTV about the music video back in May saying, "It's a girl and her working two jobs and she's got all these things going on. But the whole time, she's totally distracted because she's only thinking about how she feels [about her ex], almost at the point [where] you're thinking about the person, but you're also thinking about, kind of, your loneliness and how you feel. How're you gonna get through it?"

She adds, “The video is totally beautiful, really unexpected. It has some Vegas pieces in it. I think the way it goes on, it really brings a relevance to the words and you'll really feel it. I'm loving it."

It’s a decent sounding song, no doubt, but I wouldn’t call it mind blowing. Watch the video for "Tears Always Win" and let us know what you think!

Written on Jun 14 2013 by Lauren Croteau (Google+ profile), writer at KOvideo. Tags: alicia keys tears always win music video


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