Alexa Carter Talks Aaron Lewis and Her Upcoming Debut Album

New to the main stream music scene, singer Alexa Carter, who has been seen on tour with Aaron Lewis, is readying her debut album. Alexa Carter Talks Aaron Lewis and Her Upcoming Debut Album

For those unaware of up and coming singer Alexa Carter, she’s a twenty year old Mississippi native who performs a killer duet with Staind front man Aaron Lewis, entitled 'Tangled Up In You'.  Recently sitting down with Artist Direct, Carter, who is about to drop her upcoming debut album any time now, discussed her country/pop songs and how she finds inspirations in movies, poetry, as well as beautiful scenic views.

"I've actually taken my notebook to the movies before and written down anything that popped into my head as I'm watching the film. Growing up, I was more the mystery book reader. I was into James Patterson. As a writer, I started getting into more heartfelt books. I read and I actually do have poetry books so I can get more inspiration. Once I find a new artist, I'll drive around and listen constantly. When I go home to Mississippi, those are the times I'll sit down with a guitar and start writing. When you sit outside in silence looking at the kind of view, it's inspiring."

With a debut album that is already expected to be one of the best of the coming New Year, Carter talked about what it was like to team up with producer James Stroud, who has worked with well known artists such as Tracy Lawrence, Clay Walker, and Carlene Carter.

"That man is like a second dad to me. He makes me feel so comfortable to feel free and do whatever. He's got such a huge heart, and he gives to everyone. The guy is a big deal! When I first met him, I was definitely extremely nervous. I sang a couple of songs for him, and all of the nerves went out of the room and I simply sang. He thinks the world of me. To have someone who thinks that of you is so inspiring and it makes you want to keep doing better. There's such great energy. You can ask anyone he's ever worked with and they'll say the same thing. He's so funny! I love him to death. He and my dad are best friends now, and it's one big laugh when they're together."

Stroud is also credited with pairing up Carter and Aaron Lewis after mentoring the singer.  After performing together the two ended up hitting the road, with Carter on board to support Lewis.

"In April, I was home for Easter, and Aaron was playing an acoustic show at The Hard Rock. Aaron was like, "If she's going to be there, why doesn't she just sing 'Tangled Up in You' with me?" I said, "Hell yes!" That was the first time we ever sang it together. The tour was so much fun! Aaron has the most amazing voice. He is never off. It was such an incredible experience for me. In that short month, my voice grew so much. I could really hear a difference. I wanted to go back in and re-record! I just wanted to keep going. When I get the chance to do it again, I'm going to jump right on it. It helped me out in every way. I know I grew as an artist."

Alexa’s first studio album should be hitting shelves soon through Stroud’s record label R&J Records.  Watch Carter perform with Aaron Lewis below.

Written on Dec 05 2011 by Sarah Luoma (Google+ profile), writer at KOvideo. Tags: alexa carter aaron lewis debut album tangled up in you


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