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The Lawrence Arms Alert The Audience! lyrics is the 5th song on the album "The Greatest Story Ever Told" by The Lawrence Arms. The "Alert The Audience!" lyrics by The Lawrence Arms are displayed below.
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Alert The Audience! by The Lawrence Arms

Passive, Aggressive, Confessing, Repressive

Structurally uncertain, transparent, transgressive

I've stumbled into something and i don't know what it is.

All I-beams, bolts and plaster, corners painted in piss.

Mistakes are the brakes that i'm cutting on me.

Fast down the hill, impossibly free.

Faster and faster, i'm burning the gears.

My tears are streaming back into my ears.

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My enemies i knew too well, they bickered amongst themselves.

I have a rule, that i love to break.

It ends in tears, cursing and shakes.


I'm a clown and i'm choking on blood, teeth and toungue.

Fuck the spectators, fuck the "he was so young"

Fuck forced sympathy through lifeless glass eyes,

Povichian voyeurs drinking my cries.

Fuck faced trilobites waiting to die.

I can't stand the humor, and i can't stand the lies.

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