Adam Levine's Tattoos Get Him Kicked Out of Gym

The lead singer learned the hard way that not every country is as fond of tattoos Adam Levine's Tattoos Get Him Kicked Out of Gym

Here in North America, tattoos are becoming more and more accepted within society but there are parts of the world that are a bit more cautious when it comes to body ink.  This was a lesson that Adam Levine learned recently.

While in South Korea, the Maroon 5 frontman was working out in a fitness center when he was suddenly stopped and asked to cover up his tattoos.  The alternative?  He’d have to leave.  The band was in the country as part of their world tour and the ever fitness-conscious singer was trying to make sure he was staying on top of his regime. 

He shared the story on Twitter and said: "I assured them it wasn't a real tiger and it wouldn't harm anyone. They didn't think this was funny. Thank GOD they didn't see the shark."

Management didn’t find his jokes funny and when that didn’t work, he took it a step further.  He tweeted: "I sang Gangam Style and did the dance and everything. Silence. the cops didn't like it either."

Well, not sure that was the best approach to handling that situation.  I wonder if the police really did get involved… either way, he said that Korea was #maximumawesome. At least he chose not to offend his South Korean fans!

Written on Sep 17 2012 by Jeanne Dupuis (Google+ profile), writer at KOvideo. Tags: maroon 5 adam levine tattoos


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