A Heartbroken Erykah Badu Loses Her ‘Mind’

The soul singer brings heartbreak to life in new music video for new song, “Out My Mind, Just in Time.” A Heartbroken Erykah Badu Loses Her ‘Mind’

Recovering love addicts everywhere should have no problem identifying with Erykah Badu’s newest music video for her single, “Out My Mind, Just in Time.”

Directed and released on Vimeo by Creative Control, the same video production company who released Ms. Badu’s visually tempting and controversial “Window Seat” video that garnered her a citation by Dallas police, “Out My Mind” presents to the audience a reclining, seemingly heartbroken Badu sans makeup, hair undone, in a peephole nightshirt. As the music begins, she rises and dances, flailing her arms and legs about in an interpretation of a jilted lover’s mental breakdown.

Whereas many music videos are filled with color and plot, distracting the listener from the heart of the song, Badu’s video is shot in sparse, shaky black-and-white, thus allowing the singer’s raspy voice and the song’s melancholy violin strings to play off each other in a duet of raw emotion. The song is the star of the video.

The video is actually only the first movement in a two-part, 11-minute symphony, the former clearly a listener -and lover-favorite.

“I’m a recovering undercover over lover, recovering from a love I can’t get over…And I’d die for you, I’d cry for you and pop for you and break for you and hate for you and hate you two, if you want me to…”

Besides making visual art, Badu recently performed at a concert with indie rock band My Morning Jacket on May 31.  She will join other artists on June 16 to celebrate the 40th birthday of the late hip-hop artist, Tupac Shakur.

“Out My Mind, Just in Time” is the fourth single to spin from “New Amerykah, Part Two: Return of the Ankh,” Badu’s fifth studio album that was released March 30 of last year. Her upcoming tour will be named after the aforemtioned song.


OUT MY MIND JUST IN TIME from Creative Control on Vimeo.

Written on Jun 05 2011 by Altamese Osborne (Google+ profile), writer at KOvideo. Tags: erykah badu


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