A$AP Rocky Talks Lana Del Rey, Debut Album

The rapper calls the pop singer his "dream girl," also working with Santigold, Pharrell Williams, and Hit-Boy on album. A$AP Rocky Talks Lana Del Rey, Debut Album

Harlem hip-hop artist A$AP Rocky's rise has been quick - his "Peso" single blew up the internet only late last year. He then released the acclaimed LiveLoveA$AP mixtape and is now working with Santigold, Pharrell Williams, Hit-Boy, and Lana Del Rey on his debut studio album, LongLiveA$AP

The last collaboration with Del Rey has some fans confused, but as Rocky tells Billboard, "You didn't know about me being a huge Lana Del Rey fan? That's all I kept talking about all winter." His single with Del Rey, "Ridin'," leaked last week and was quickly removed from the Internet. Will A$AP still include the track on his debut?

"I might not put it out before because people already know what it is."

The rapper quickly continued to praise the bluesy pop singer. "I first had had a crush on her from seeing her on the Internet... Mind you, we never even spoke to each other, and then in Complex, when she said I was her favorite rapper, I was like, 'Oh f*ck no, man. I gotta work with her. My dream girl acknowledges me!'"

The new album is expected to be released this July through Polo Grounds/RCA/A$AP Worldwide. "Honestly, I just want to do my best," the rapper continued. "I don't plan on being the best rapper alive or the worst rapper alive, or even consider [myself] as a rapper. I just want to be an artist and do my best, and be a great businessman, an entrepreneur that paves the way for people, for generations to come behind me. I just want to have longevity and create a legacy for me and my boys."

Check out the "Peso" video below.

Written on Apr 09 2012 by Justin Alvarez (Google+ profile), writer at KOvideo. Tags: aap rocky arist:lana del rey


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