Mystic Circle - 666 (Mark Of The Devil) Lyrics

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666 (Mark Of The Devil) by Mystic Circle

Even now he's in the world

And his power shall be mighty

And he shall prosper and be strong

And shall destroy the mighty and the holy


Burn under the protection of satan

He was put into the world of the christians

In the belly of a jackal that is his mother

Through his veins there flows powerful blood

He is the bringer of death

Who was prophesized by the old myths


His power will grow stronger

And he will bring about the end of the world

Through his eyes you can see the fires of hell

Beneath his hair lies the mark of the devil

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On the 6th day

Of the 6th month

On the 6th hour he was born


He carries the mark of the devil

To bring about the end

The last revelation 666


Born with the mask of perdition

He represents everything that's bad in the world

In the garment of innocence

He waits for his coronation

To everyone who poses a threat horrible things happen

He gives the faithless a final proof of his existence


Only few know his true identity

The more he grows up the more powerful he gets

But he's not alone in this world

His fellowship grows year by year


"with his black wings he will rise above the earth to reign

The dark power will spread around his kingdom of terror"







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666 (Mark Of The Devil) Song Lyrics Meanings

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