50 Cent Releases New Song “Outlaw” Independently

Frustrated with record label Interscope, 50 Cent took to Twitter this week to rant and independently release a new track, titled “Outlaw.” 50 Cent Releases New Song “Outlaw” Independently

Working with a record company, even when you’re a top artist, can be difficult. If you’re an artist caught in such a bind, what do you do in this instance – sit back quietly and wait for the bureaucracy to sort itself out or take it upon yourself to get your needs (and music) heard? Rapper 50 Cent took the latter approach this past week, venting on Twitter his frustrations with Interscope in regards to releasing his still-untitled album. On Thursday, the rapper wrote:

@50cent: Ok I tried to be cool with my record company . I went to the meeting talk to everyone and sh*t feels like there moving in slow motion.

@50cent: I'm sorry to announce I will not be releasing a new album this year if we don't get on the same page.

@50cent: I would rather not launch my album with out a plan the whole system is executing. I don't know why they play with me they know how I get.

@50 cent: My whole career iv been doing sh*t and they have been playing catch up this is the last f*cking album THEY BETTER WAKE UP AND WORK

His rant culminated in a release without Interscope’s approval of new track “Outlaw” through his website. Fans, however, had mixed reactions, and in response, 50 Cent took to Twitter with the following statement:

@50cent: #outlaw is just the beginning of what I have to offer this go round watch a hater face fall LMAO

With his anger put aside, the rapper explained his decision clearly to MTV News yesterday: "So I had the record I was ready to launch, and we sat down and everybody talked. What happens is, there are a lot of people involved in my actual launch, because it’s three parties; it's Shady, then you got Aftermath, then you got Interscope, and then you got me on my end. So by the time we got to go sit down with [Interscope chairman] Jimmy [Iovine], we talked a little bit, and then I ended up having to go see Dre, because we had the little issue, the confusion about the Twitter stuff."

The future of 50 Cent’s album appears to be undefined at the moment, with no title and no release date. The rapper, however, mentioned yesterday on Twitter that he’s shooting video for all songs of this next album.” “Outlaw,” sans a proper video, has since been put up on 50 Cent’s YouTube account. Listen to the track here:

Written on Jun 18 2011 by Irene Test (Google+ profile), writer at KOvideo. Tags: 50 cent Interscope


John DiLorenzo 10p 3 years ago

@50 cent your work is so awesome I have always dreamed to be working with you I am a good writer and would love to have a chance, I am in need of work anything I would love to be able to make music I have been writing for years sence I was 15 and I have been listening to you for a long time pleas get back at me [email protected]


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