50 Cent Releases Freestyle Track “This Is Murder, Not Music”

To start off 2014, 50 Cent put out a new freestyle track on December 31, called “This Is Murder, Not Music.” 50 Cent Releases Freestyle Track “This Is Murder, Not Music”

50 Cent went into the New Year with a freestyle track called “This is Murder, Not Music.” The song dropped through the rapper’s YouTube channel on December 31 and may or may not be on his upcoming project, Animal Ambition: An Untamed Desire to Win.

The project – not a mixtape because of the tracks’ quality, not an album, but a release that will include videos at some point – comes out at some point in January 2014, although a release date has not been specified. In an interview with XXL last month, 50 Cent mentioned Animal Ambition comes out before Street King Immortal, his long-delayed full-length album, and in talking about its concept, he said: “I wouldn’t call it a mixtape, because it has album quality material, [and] it’s structured like an album more than mixtape material where I’ll take the popular record at the time, and redo it. This tape is all original. The only thing I can compare it to that I’ve done in the past is the War Angel LP.”

Street King Immortal had originally been scheduled for Summer 2012, but the release, because of conflicts between the rapper and label Interscope, had repeatedly been pushed back and even canceled at some point. Its last reported release date was February 2013, but since that point, the album has yet to surface. The album, so far, generated two singles, “New Day” and “My Life.”

To hear 50 Cent’s latest work, listen below:

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