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Eminem 25 To Life lyrics is the 12th song on the album "Recovery" by Eminem. Don't miss the latest news and gossip about the artist: "Eminem Filming “Headlights” Video With Spike Lee".
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25 To Life by Eminem


25 to life

Too late for the other side

Caught in a change

25 to life


[Verse 2]

I feel like when I bend over backwards for you all you do is laugh

Cause that aint good enough you expect me to fold myself in half

Til I snap

Dont think I'm loyal

All I do is rap

I can not moonlight on the side

I have no life outside of that

Dont I give you enough of my time

You dont think so do you

Jealous when I spend time with the girls

Why I'm married to you still man I dont know

But tonight I'm serving you with papers

Im divoricing you

Go marry someone else and make em famous

And take away there freedom like you did to me

Treat em like you dont need them and they aint worthy of you

Feed em the same shit you made me eat

Im moving on forget you oh

Now I'm special? Oh I didn't feel special when i was with you

All I ever felt was this


Imprisoned by a selfish bitch

Chew me up and spit me out

I fell for this so many times

Its ridiculus

And still I stick with this

Im sick of this but in my sickness and addiction

Your as addictive as they get

Evil as they come vandictive as they make em

My friends keep asking why I cant just walk away

Im addicted

To the pain the stress the drama

Im drown in so I guess imma mess

Cursed and blessed

But this time imma

Aint changing my mind

I'm climbing out this abyss

You screaming as I walk out that I'll be missed

But when you spoke to people who meant the most to you

You left me off your list

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Too late for the other side

Caught in a change

25 to life

Too late for the other side

Caught in a change

25 to life

Too late

Caught in a change

25 to life


Fuck you hip-hop

Im leaving you my life sentence is served bitch

And its just


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