Andre Nickatina - 2 T-Shirts N A Adidas Suit Lyrics

Andre Nickatina 2 T-Shirts N A Adidas Suit lyrics is the 11th song on the album "Bullets, Blunts, N Ah Big Bank Roll" by Andre Nickatina. The "2 T-Shirts N A Adidas Suit" lyrics by Andre Nickatina are displayed below.
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2 T-Shirts N A Adidas Suit by Andre Nickatina

make way for the nitty*

Gritty bitty titty filler

City after city time and crime rap dealer

I don't play football

I'm not a playmaker

My only way deep is to throw a haymaker

School rule breaker

Makin' teachers have a fit

From the goz show that's

How i learn to spit

Man some all star chuck's

And some coke to sack

It don't matter what color as

Long it blue or black

Cause i'm reckless

Cuban necklace

Never in the game that become wet fish

Two t-shirts an ah adidas suit

Man i ain't peepin'

What what ya speakin'

Homie gimme the loot

Man you filled with' truth

And i'm filled with lies

When we rap all these

Muthfuckas' die despise

Like the sparrow that narrow

Nigga shootin' through an arrow

You can see the klugg's if you

Look through the barrel

Fools use chess like a vcr

Worth as much as a cd-r

Gotta put my hands in the cookie jar

You got beef?

Let my rap den rip ya car

Disappear like a

Motherfuckin' desert


Smellin' so good like a red crosage

That's the way i fuck em' down

Climbs around by sound

Like how them whistles whip

Through the ground

Get the camera the ramela the scramela

Two points the fuck with the camela sin

Who cares what mood ya in?

It'll sound like thunda if i lose again

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Yeah nickatina i dun told ya

The virgin of fame

I'm like napoleon you beat like

He come in the game

Check's is ready to name

Then i pop the brain


Ain't a law in the world

That can stop the case

I wear adidas

Sometimes fillas

They're the two leadas'

The boy king

Hit yo bowl sack low jeans

At 3am

Yeah the freeway mine

And you can tell by the

Ticket's i've left behind

You wanna get reckless?

Don't get checklist

Cops motherfucker they respect this

What's on the wishlist?

Man i can get this

I freak with big lips

And she love the tongue kiss

And cold as a tundre

Seven's the numba

Split up the pie

Or chop it like lumba

Don't forget the thunda that i said

And all praises to bob

Marley's mighty dreads

We need to find someone to hunt down

Think of the turn around

The murder is murder round

Tryin to burn em' down


I all blessed it

I hit the stage freak with such freshness

Two t-shirts and ah adidas suit

I'm lookin' way too cute

You bitches raise the roof

You got bacardi in ya' body

180 proof

And i'm addicted to ya ass

Like ya' name was truth

I jump in the coop

With a couple of bloods

And bitch fuck ya party if

The shit don't bump

Because i'm major fast

I need major cash

And damn your sister got major ass

Homie reckless

They won't respect this

I say the bitch is kinda like a necklace

Two t-shirts and ah adidas suit

I'm lookin' way too cute

You bitches raise the roof


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